3P develops and produces the patented 35 kW choke set and the matching mofa choke for your scooter.

The assembly time of our 35 kW choke sets is less than 10 minutes. The time-consuming and cost-intensive dismantling of attachments and engine components is eliminated. Our mofah choke is also manufactured for a perfect fit and easy to install.

Delivery including expert opinion and installation instructions. Lightning-fast shipping by DHL.

FAQ, frequently asked questions of our customers.

Why do I need a TÜV certificate?

The official examiner needs a basis for the registration of the change in performance. All data required by law are documented in our expert opinion. Thus the inspector has all the necessary information and can easily enter the change. You are free to choose which technical service you present your vehicle to. Possibilities include TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ der VÜK or another recognised testing organisation. Our certificates are issued according to StVZO §19 Abs.3.
Only for the national German Market.

Do I also get installation instructions?

Yes, you will receive an illustrated installation manual, which explains the installation step by step.
The installation is so easy that even people without previous knowledge can do the installation.
The installation instructions are also available on our homepage under “Downloads”.
Frequently YouTube installation videos are also deposited in the article descriptions.

May I install the limiter myself?

Yes, our patented system allows the TÜV inspector to check on site by loosening two screws (35 kW throttle set) whether the correct throttle parts have been installed. A retrofit in the original condition can be carried out at any time with little effort.
This is often not recognised for products from other manufacturers, as the components can only be documented by a time-consuming process of uncovering the throttle parts. For this reason, the TÜV often requires confirmation of correct installation by an authorised workshop.

What else happens when the limiter is installed?

After assembly, you drive the vehicle and the supplied 3P certificate to a testing organisation such as TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ, KÜS or another testing organisation. There you will receive an acceptance protocol for presentation to the registration office.
Only for the German Market.

What installation time do I need?

A 35kW choke set can usually be installed in under 10 minutes.
With a moped throttle you need about 30-60 minutes, depending on the vehicle and the type of throttle.

What additional costs are incurred?

Due to the simple assembly, the complete assembly costs by a workshop are omitted.
If you do not have the time or the desire to install the throttle set yourself, ask your local dealer for the current hourly rates.
Since you are independent of the testing organisation with our expert opinion, you can choose from a variety of testing centres.
The costs for the registration of the power reduction are approx. 30-60€.

Why we need the chassis number?

In order to be allowed to produce technically complex products as a manufacturer, the legislator requires a constant and recurring quality and an obligation to prove where the goods were delivered to (QM system).
The obligation to provide evidence serves to ensure that in the event of a recall, the owner of the vehicle can be identified and informed via the Federal Motor Transport Authority.
We are verified every three years by TÜV Rheinland. This process includes, among other things, the inspection of outgoing goods, the control of the expertises issued and the inspection of the stocks of goods.
These strict requirements serve to guarantee your safety.
If no chassis number is verified, we are not able to send the throttle.

Why we need the driving licence class A2 or the moped test certificate?

A2 :
According to the European Driving Licence Directives, new drivers must drive motorcycles up to max. 35kW for 2 years after the issue of the driving licence. Only vehicles with a maximum of twice the power, i.e. 70 kW in power A2 may be reduced to a suitable level.
In Germany there is a valid national regulation which states that A2 driving licence holders who have acquired their driving licence before 12/2016 may also reduce vehicles over 70 kW without kW restriction to the required 35kW.
As this is a national law, it is not allowed to drive this vehicle outside of Germany.

Moped test certificate :
The test certificate for driving mopeds and two- or three-wheeled motor vehicles up to 25 km/h is a German certificate of competence to drive speed-reduced motor vehicles of the class L1e-B (25 km/h) L2e-P/U (tricycles 25 km/h) and bicycles with auxiliary engine up to 25 km/h.
Source : Extract from Wikipedia

Price differences Ebay/3P Homepage?

Ebay provides us merchants with their sales platform to offer our products.
Ebay charges the sellers costs for using the platform and fees for the individual sales.
We also have to bear these costs. For this reason the same items are more expensive on Ebay than in our own online shop on our homepage. However, this does not apply to all products, as we are in competition with other suppliers, some products require a mixed calculation to remain competitive.

For what reason is a mounting instruction missing in the Ebay advertisements?

Unlike on our homepage, it is not possible to store mounting instructions via Ebay,
If you would like to see the assembly instructions for the desired product before you buy, send us an e-mail to info_at_3ppp.de and we will send you a PDF file with the assembly instructions for viewing.

Why do we deliver faster than other suppliers?

As we are the manufacturer of the power reductions, we always have our goods in stock and ship them every working day if the order is received by 16 o’clock.
Our competitors are often pure shop operators, who have to order customer orders from their suppliers (among others also 3P) first. This ordering step usually takes at least one day longer than ordering directly from us.

Why are we often cheaper than our competitors?

Since we usually manufacture our products here locally and market them directly, there is no need for the price premium that our competitors have to calculate through the intermediate trade.
Furthermore, our products are developed in such a way that the installation can be carried out by a skilled craftsman on his own. The costs for the workshop visit and the expenditure of the vehicle transport to the workshop are completely dropped.

At 3P all 35 kW choke sets and all moped chokes are available immediately from stock.

We do not know long waiting periods. If your order is received by 15:00, we will send your throttle set by DHL the same day. Normally the delivery to our customers takes place on the following working day.

3P has been developing and producing 35 kW throttle sets for motorcycles and moped throttles for your scooter for many years for the purpose of converting from a mokick to a moped. We carry many other products around the topics motorcycles, scooters and Quad/ATV. Our 35 kW throttle sets and moped throttles are available for many different models-regardless of whether they are for vehicles from the major Japanese suppliers such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda and Suzuki, for vehicles from the American chopper fraction or for niche products from the off-road sector. Our 35kw throttle sets for motorcycles and moped throttles for scooters are always developed to fit the respective vehicle and are subject to strict quality controls. The company 3P is verified as a manufacturer at the Federal Motor Transport Authority and is subject to strict quality management. Our goods are produced in Germany.

With the introduction of the new Euro 4 exhaust emission limits, further strict regulations were passed by the legislator. We at 3P have already reacted in advance with our development department and worked out the implementation of the new regulations. For the first vehicle models from 2017 onwards, we already offer 35 kW throttle sets and moped throttles with electronic operation. Similarly easy to install, the 35 kW choke set and the mofa choke for your scooter are simply integrated into the vehicle electrics. Also with this system the installation is very easy and quick.

We are regularly at the TÜV Rheinland in Cologne for testing purposes and for performance measurements to have newly developed 35 kW throttle sets and moped throttles tested and approved. Our product range is thus continuously expanded and updated. For the new generation on two wheels our large assortment of 25 km/h moped chokes offers the freedom on two wheels. The installation of a few components limits the speed and the vehicle can be driven from the age of 15 years with an appropriate test certificate. And after obtaining the driving licence, the vehicle can be rebuilt and then used again at 45 km/h.

Speed limiter sets from 3P, also available for electric vehicles.

Of course, the topic of electric mobility does not stop at the two-wheeler sector.
Therefore, we are constantly expanding our product range, also in the field of “throttle sets for electric vehicles. Currently we can offer throttle sets for a variety of models with electric drive.
Besides the conversion kits for 25 km/h we also offer versions for throttling to 20 km/h. For vehicles in this class, the helmet requirement is waived after installation.
You will find our complete assortment well sorted in our newly designed Onlineshop.

Our service for our customers.

If a 35 kW choke set is missing in our product range, we offer our customers to do all necessary work free of charge after consultation. The only support from the customer is to hand over the vehicle to us. That means we develop the suitable limiter for the choke set, do the necessary power measurements and provide the expert opinion. We do all this within ten days and completely free of charge.

Regardless of whether moped choke for your scooter or 35 kW choke set – we are happy to be your competent partner for all aspects of power reduction or power increase. 3P develops and produces exclusively for you.

If you have any questions, you can reach us from 8:00 to 16:00 o’clock or by mail info_at_3ppp.de