We also provide individual solutions in the field of electromobility for your company.

3P is your contact for all questions regarding electromobility and homologation.

We develop solutions for expert reports/ ABE preparation for all areas of electric mobility.

3P is a developer of unconventional solutions in all areas of mobility. We have also successfully implemented many projects for our customers in the electromobility segment, for e-bikes, electric scooters, hospital chairs and small cars. For example, we have successfully completed power reductions for electric scooters with the change to moped scooters, the speed reduction of patient lifts to 6 km/h to a vehicle without registration, or the change of lighting to LED headlights, including the preparation of expert opinions. We accompanied the company Toyota Belgium during the homologation of an electric van. The vehicle was extensively modified by 3P in the areas of electrical system, tyres, license plate holders etc. The vehicle is currently used by the French Post Office, among others.

Power reductions for electric vehicles

Not only do we develop the appropriate power reductions for vehicles with combustion engines, we are also a market leader in the field of electromobility. We are constantly expanding our range of throttle kits for electric vehicles. In addition to the conversion kits for drivers with moped test certificate to 25 km/h, we also reduce these vehicles to 20 km/h. Thus converted the helmet obligation is omitted with this vehicle class. A practical side effect is also the extended range due to the reduced power.

Thanks to our long-standing contacts with various testing organizations and authorities, we are well networked and can also react flexibly to customer requirements in the field of electromobility. We are verified as a manufacturer by the Federal Motor Transport Authority and are subject to strict quality management. We are your competent partner for all topics concerning electromobility

Currently we are also working on the homologation of an electric bicycle with a 3000-watt electric motor, which will be converted to a class L3e,-motorbike on request of our customer. We are also working on electromobility to achieve the individual results our customers want. Regardless of whether, as with the e-bike, a complete solution including supply of the conversion parts and expert opinions or the solution of a partial task, such as the preparation of an expert opinion for a technical modification, are desired.

The subject area electromobility has been an important part of our development work for many years.