At 3P you will also find the right exclusive Piaggio MP3 accessories for your vehicle.

We have developed the MP3 conversion to the L5e vehicle and the range of Piaggio MP3 accessories is also constantly expanding.

Piaggio MP3 accessories developed by our experts and optimally adjusted and adapted to your vehicle.

3P has been dealing with Piaggio tricycle scooters for many years and is your reliable supplier of exclusive Piaggio MP3 accessories. The idea and the technical implementation for the L5e vehicle type change and thus the possibility of the use with the car driving licence originates from our company. This was brought to series production in 2007 and 2008 and is also protected by patent. In addition to the development of vehicle concepts, the constant further development and production of Piaggio MP3 accessories is an important line of business at 3P. No matter whether design components such as stainless steel applications for visual refinement or technical aids such as ergonomically optimised foot brake levers – 3P always has the right Piaggio-MP3-accessories for you.
We deliberately do not deal with the distribution of spark plugs and brake pads. At 3P you will only find exclusive products, most of which are developed, designed and produced in-house. Our Piaggio-MP3-accessories will be delivered, if necessary, with a parts certificate for easy registration in the vehicle documents or also with a corresponding ABE.

On our Youtube channel you will find installation instructions to support you during the installation of your Piaggio MP3 accessories. After consultation with us, it is also possible to have your used vehicle converted to a class L5e vehicle at our premises. After the conversion has been completed, the vehicle can be used with a driving licence of class B, formerly class 3.

No matter if gel seat, sport silencer or conversion for the operation with integral brake for older models-3P always has the right and suitable Piaggio-MP3-accessories for you in the offer.